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Support for the Early Childhood Development Learning Center

About 55 km outside of Victoria Falls, in the Jambezi area, lies the village of Silibinda. The people there are poor and left to their own resourcers. In order to get to school, the children have to walk some 7, 10 or 15km, usually barefoot. This means that only when the children are able to do this on their own do they have an opportunity for education. Thus, up to the age of 8-10 years, children are either working the fields with their families, looking after animals or are simply on their own.

As part of a project to develop the people and their living situations in rural areas, Silibinda is to have its own ECD learning center, i.e. a kind of kindergarten, built within the villiage. This should be done both by the locals themselves and with the support of an NGO in a traditional way, with the available resources.

Umhambi has agreed to help set up the preschool, and provide the necessary materials. The long term plan is for Umhambi to provide non-profit volunteers who will live and work there for a given period of time.