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Umhambi Childrens Foundation of Hope

Zimbabwe, like other parts of Africa, has a massive problem with HIV / AIDS. Almost every sixth citizen is infected with the immunodeficiency virus. Many patients do not have access to medical care or related information. So it happens that many patients do not know that they need to protect others from infection. Some of these people die without knowing what disease they are suffering from. Accordingly, children are often born infected or orphaned at a young age. Although the government has prevention and treatment programs to contain the pandemic, these measures reach very few infected people on time. Medicines are often not available reliably and in sufficient quantities. According to African tradition, orphans are placed with their closest relatives. However, most orphans end up in circumstances where they do not receive the necessary emotional, financial and physical care. They are often used for field work without the possibility of school education. Sometimes the children stay behind in child-run families and are on their own. Provided they are not evicted from their home.
The Umhambi Orphan Project is a private initiative of residents of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, founded in 2007. It was launched after a man died in the neighbourhood, leaving his two children without care. Umhambi was founded with knowledge of the problems of omnipresent AIDS orphans and child-led families. The community wanted to ensure the care of orphans, children from poor or child-managed families, and children infected or affected by HIV. The first task that Umhambi took on was the care of the two children left behind. Unfortunately, one of the two children was already infected with the HIV virus. This case opened the eyes to the many other HIV sufferers in the rural settlements around the city of Victoria Falls. With this awareness, a community developed that wanted to free as many children as possible from their misery. The initiative should not only prevent children from having no possessions, no homes and no access to good education. It should also give them a small hope for a better future. The Umhambi Orphan project is home to the so-called Drop-in Center in Victoria Falls. As well as organizational purposes, it serves as a meeting place for the children. In addition, various additional offers (medical care, computer room, leisure activities) have been created over the years.
Support for children is not limited to HIV-infected or orphans. The Umhambi Orphan Initiative focuses on every child without adequate care in terms of health, nutrition, education and general care. A significant part of the work is the basic provision of primary care for children in need. These include:

Housing of orphans in families where they receive the necessary care and attention.

Ensuring nutrition.

Supply of clothes.

Medical care including education and supply of HIV medicines.

provision of wheelchairs for children with disabilities.

provision of school fees, school uniform, books and other learning materials.

Additional education for children with poor school performance.

General organizational and emotional support.






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